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Course Image MYP Humanities{Geo, History and Integrated} e-Assessment

MYP Humanities{Geo, History and Integrated} e-Assessment

Discover the World through MYP Humanities! Explore diverse perspectives: Dive into captivating topics like ancient civilizations, revolutions, and contemporary issues. Investigate how societies evolve, clash, and collaborate. Develop critical skills: Sharpen research, communication, and analytical …
Course Image IB MYP Pure and Integrated sciences

IB MYP Pure and Integrated sciences

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) sciences framework encourages students to explore real-world issues through research, observation, and experimentation. Students investigate topics across biology, chemistry, and physics, fostering critical thinking and ethical reasoning. Integrated science courses …
Course Image PYP Math

PYP Math

Effectively study the Primary Years Programme (PYP) mathematics summary by actively reading and noting key points, including an inquiry-based approach, curriculum goals, and real-world applications. Rephrase information, create visual aids, and engage in discussions for a comprehensive understandin…
Course Image DP Math Application and Interpretation SL

DP Math Application and Interpretation SL

All DP mathematics courses aim to enable students to:  Develop a curiosity and enjoyment of mathematics, appreciate its elegance and power z develop an understanding of the concepts, principles, and nature of mathematics  Communicate mathematics, concisely, and confidently in a variety of contexts …
Course Image MYP Maths Textbooks

MYP Maths Textbooks

The MYP mathematics framework encompasses number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability. Students in the MYP learn how to represent information, to explore and model situations, and to find solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems.
Course Image IGCSE Biology

IGCSE Biology

IGCSE Biology helps students to understand the biological world they live in and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments in living things.
Course Image IGCSE Physics

IGCSE Physics

Cambridge IGCSE Physics helps you to understand the technological world in which you live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific development.
Course Image MYP e-Assessment practice tests

MYP e-Assessment practice tests

The MYP eAssessment offers practitioners an innovative tool to gain valuable insights into learning and teaching. Additionally, it offers students an option to gain a qualification for their middle years' education and an assessment experience that aligns with today's digital learning environment. …
Course Image MYP Personal Project

MYP Personal Project

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) Personal Project is a significant component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) MYP curriculum. Students choose a topic of interest, conduct research, set goals, create a detailed plan, and carry out their project. The final product can take various forms, showc…
Course Image IB Mathematics Applications & Interpretation HL

IB Mathematics Applications & Interpretation HL

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation at Higher Level is a rigorous course with a strong focus on the applications of mathematics. It is designed for students who are strong mathematically, but are also interested in using mathematics to understand the world around us as well as the growing …
Course Image Business and Finance

Business and Finance

Business finance is the process of obtaining funds and managing finances in a business setting. This includes a range of activities such as planning and budgeting, raising capital, managing cash flow, and making financial decisions that impact profitability.